Tatty Devine Giant Gold Dinosaur Necklace – Any Old Iron

Tatty Devine Giant Gold Dinosaur Necklace

Tatty Devine

$ 230.00
Tatty Devine do like making things BIG. So what could be better than a giant Dinosaur Necklace!? This goes with absolutely every outfit you could possibly conjure up - just throw it on over the top for instant amazingness. It may not be quite as big as its real-life ancestors, but this T-Rex necklace packs just as big a wow factor. Each bone is jointed to the next, so you get lots of movement out of your prehistoric predator. The necklace is made up from an incredible 40 individual pieces, and it's reversible, too, so you can wear it facing either way. Tatty Devine were originally inspired to make this by the dinosaur at London's Natural History Museum. Now you can make your Jurassic mark!

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